Linda McMillanPrincipal

Linda McMillan
focus areas
  • Energy sector rule development and analysis
  • Governance, accountability, legal structures and regulation
  • Industry restructuring and reform
  • Effective stakeholder consultation
  • Consumer protections and concession schemes
  • Master of Regulatory Studies (Monash University Law School)
  • Bachelor of Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Laws (Monash University)
  • Lawyer holding a current Australian Practising Certificate

Linda McMillan is a founding director of Farrier Swier Consulting and is an expert in legal and regulatory policy.

A qualified lawyer, Linda has worked as a successful consultant for over 20 years, providing strategic regulatory and policy advice in the energy, water and transport industries.  She is appointed to the pool from which the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) selects a dispute resolution panel under the National Gas Rules and National Electricity Rules.

After working initially as a banking and finance lawyer with Clayton Utz, Linda became the project manager for the legal and regulatory aspects of Victoria’s energy reform and privatisation program in the 1990s. In that role, Linda participated in national committees developing Australia’s initial national electricity and gas rules.  She was an independent director of Victorian Energy Networks Corporation (2007-09), and has contributed to various national energy reviews and reforms, including the Australian Energy Market Commission’s national energy retail competition reviews in 2014 to 2017. She has worked on energy reforms and rule development in Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore.

Linda is a founding director of farrierswier. A former banking and finance lawyer, Linda now specialises in regulatory policy, design and administration in the energy, water and transport sectors.

Linda’s practical experience and recent studies in regulatory policy and design provide unique insights to regulatory policy development, processes and decision-making; and to the challenges of translating policy decisions into effective regulatory instruments and practices.  She has helped to develop numerous legislative proposals, rules, regulatory instruments and contracts to support market reforms and competitive industries and to protect consumer interests.  In chairing multi-disciplinary forums, Linda quickly finds points of consensus that can be built on, and she communicates complex legal, economic or technical matters succinctly and effectively.

In 2013, Linda was awarded Monash University Law School prizes as the top student for post graduate studies, Economics of Regulation, and Regulation of Australian Water Resources.

For a full curriculum vitae, please contact Linda via email.

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