Electricity retailing


Our work addresses all parts of the electricity and gas supply chains; including renewables, generation/production, wholesale markets, transmission, distribution, metering, retailing, and consumer choices and protections.

We work for policy-makers, rule-makers, economic regulators, owners of infrastructure (both regulated and unregulated), system operators, consumer groups, peak bodies, developers, proponents of rule-changes, and innovators. We are known and respected for our sound judgment, rigorous approach, pragmatism, and success. We have a strong reputation for delivering on time and meeting clients’ needs.

Our consultants have significant experience in corporate governance roles, including as directors, senior managers and members of private and public sector energy companies, market operators, advisory panels and economic regulators.

We provide expert advice and testimony, and provide dispute resolution services, where we are sought for our strong conceptual and practical knowledge, independence and objectivity.



We have extensive experience in the water sector. Our expertise is in emerging issues for water reform including pricing and competition. We also advise on established issues such as regulatory submissions, customer engagement, customer connections and pricing.

Our clients in the water sector are policy makers, regulated water businesses, economic regulators, planning bodies, embedded networks, and consumer groups.

We use our knowledge and expertise to support and influence change and have played significant roles in diverse reviews including identifying opportunities for introducing competition, interconnected water grids, and principles-based economic regulatory reforms of developer charges for new connections.


Our experience is applied to ports, airports, roads, rail, and other regulated components of transport services. We bring our principled, multi-disciplinary approach to achieve robust, sustainable outcomes in the transport sector

Our clients include agencies developing policy and regulatory frameworks, economic regulators, national committees, and owners and users of transport infrastructure.

We have strong experience in providing advice on:

  • economic reform of heavy vehicle road planning, funding, revenue, charging and institutional arrangements
  • pricing reform for privatised transport infrastructure.
Alternative shared uses of regulated assets

Other industries

Our robust and multi-disciplinary approach applies across diverse industries. Our expertise has provided intelligent solutions to challenging problems in areas as varied as health, telecommunications, and waste and resource recovery services.

Our consultants bring a wealth of practical experience as reformers, policy makers, regulators, board members of private, public and not-for-profit sector entities, and ministerial advisers.

We employ first principles thinking to inform and shape policy development and business decisions, and to establish and administer regulatory frameworks.

We start by understanding not just the questions posed, but also the broader context that will affect the answers. We assist clients to establish effective decision-making structures, and where appropriate, multidisciplinary expert advisory committees. We get to the nub of any underlying problem, its drivers, causes and materiality. We identify who is best placed to address the challenge and develop strategies for resolution.

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