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Electricity transmission
We have deep expertise in the energy, water, and transport sectors in economic regulation, policy development, project implementation and business decision making.

Experts in developing electricity transmission regulation, planning and commercial arrangements

We prepared revised Electricity Transmission Rules (Part F) for the New Zealand Electricity Market.

We have advised the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) on its review of Victorian transmission connection arrangements. The work involved understanding and analysing diverse and complex AEMO stakeholder concerns, and then developing a logical, structured approach to identify and progress feasible solutions.

We advised the New Zealand Electricity Commission on transmission contract structures and counterparties, for contracts that would underpin transmission charges and investment nationally.

We have assisted the AEMO to progress commercial, legal and technical arrangements to support a major wind farm project.

Our consultants have prior experience assisting the Australian Energy Market Commission to develop transmission revenue and pricing rules.

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