Alternative shared uses of regulated assetsEnergy

Alternative shared uses of regulated assets
We have deep expertise in the energy, water, and transport sectors in economic regulation, policy development, project implementation and business decision making.

Advisers on third party access of energy distribution assets for alternative uses

We developed economic principles for cost recovery and benefits sharing arising from alternative uses of regulated network assets for the Australian Energy Networks Association, and assessed mechanisms for achieving benefit sharing within the National Electricity Rules (NER) regulatory regime.

We advised EnergyAustralia (now Ausgrid) on regulatory and commercial access issues associated with the proposed National Broadband Network (NBN). This included regulatory options for facilities access, access and pricing principles, how NBN access to energy networks interacts with the NER regulatory regime, the alternatives for dealing with NBN within the NER regime, and potential criteria for analysing and making decisions in relation to NBN access.

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