In June 1999, Shaun Dennison, Sally Farrier, Linda McMillan and Geoff Swier joined forces to create Farrier Swier Consulting, a boutique firm focused on providing utility and infrastructure regulation and reform support. This month we celebrate our 25 year anniversary!

Over the years since, farrierswier has cemented its reputation as being a go-to for businesses, government and regulators seeking expert regulatory and policy advice and stakeholder engagement in the utility and infrastructure sectors.

Our longevity in this market comes down to our ability to deliver robust, objective advice and enduring solutions. We specialise in solving challenging problems and developing practical approaches, often within very tight timeframes.

Our people are known and respected for their sound judgment, expert insight, rigorous approach and pragmatism, and our staff are the key factor in our success. We acknowledge all the incredible people who have worked with farrierswier over the 25 years, and the important ongoing role our 2024 consulting team plays in our continued prosperity: Shaun Dennison, Eli Grace-Webb, Robert McMillan, Richard Owens, Claire Rozyn, Richard Bramley and Office Manager, Alison Dennison.  

We thank our wide range of clients across Australia and New Zealand for their support over the years.

To celebrate this 25 year milestone, we are hosting a breakfast in Brisbane on Thu 1 Aug to coincide with the ACCC/AER Regulatory Conference. If you are attending the conference and would like to join us, please email